Struggling to build your email list or don't even know where to start?
Download this action-packed cheat-sheet (it's FREE!) to rapidly grow your email list.
What's Inside:
  • Examples of freebies that actually work
  •  22 different freebie ideas
  •  How to create and deliver your freebie
  •  Easy to use software recommendations
  •  The secret to sales funnels that convert
"My email list is growing by 14 people per day, it used to be an average of 1.

I think Rachel is a genius with what she knows and I believe in the process 100%."

Natalie Tuman
Hi! I'm Rachel.

I created this guide for entrepreneurs who want to generate new leads into their business effortlessly.

I've built my email list to over 30,000 using the super simple strategies I've included in this detailed cheat sheet.
Rachel Ngom
Pinterest Strategist & Business Coach
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