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"I work from home with 3 kids and only have a babysitter for 10 hours a week!" - Katie Ferro

"I ended up making $30k in 3 months and hit 6 figures after 11 months!" - Dawn Apuan

Taylor Slango
Total Sales: $10,223 within 2 months of launching my business on my first launch.

  •   Email list from zero to 1.3k
  •   Group from non existent to 1.1k  
  •   30 courses sold.  
  •   I have gotten 3 podcast interviews.

Biggest takeaway: TAKING MESSY ACTION. I was always waiting until I was ready and learned in this program clarity comes through action.

I totally switched my niche from working business to business to business to consumer but entering IBA I was afraid of that. But IBA showed me to follow my gut on what I want my message to be to the world and obviously there was a need for it.

I literally can’t believe I had my first 5 figure month in business. I’m still it total awe of that.

"Half-way through Activate I was able to leave my corporate job and my revenue grows all the time!" - Ashley Kaplan

"It TRANSFORMED my life and and my business!"
- Kelly Maher

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